Lightning fast RAW-JPEG conversion


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Lightning fast RAW-JPEG conversion

文章Peter LO » 2011-01-20, 14:36

Raw converters can be slow. For instance, Nikon Capture NX can take hours to convert a few hundred NEFs into JPEGs.

In fact, most RAW files contain an embedded JPEG Basic for preview purposes, so you may just simply extract that part from the RAW files, instead of processing the RAW data again with converters. Doing so has two advantages:

1. You won't miss a shot because your card is filled up with JPEGs generated from the RAW+JPEG setting; and
2. Only the camera makers' own converters can fully understand the camera setting data embedded in RAW files (that's why you get different "looks" from different converters). If you use RAW only (not RAW+JPEG) and do not have any Nikon/Canon... converter, the extracted JPEGs can give you an idea of what the camera makers "think" the pictures should look like, as if the RAW files are processed with "original" converters.

I do JPEG extraction with Pixel Fixer (

Intended to be a hot pixel remover, the application does not turn my decade-old D1x into a night scene friendly DSLR, and the "hot strip" removal function doesn't work for me at all. That said, its JPEG extraction speed is very, very impressive.

BTW, please note that the embedded JPEG in a D1x RAW file is only a few hundred pixels x a few hundred pixels, thus not usable at all; but full size JPEGs can be obtained from D3 RAW files.

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